HUSH HUSH by Anneliese Vandell – Review



Something terrible happened to April Morrison when she was eleven years old. When she returns home to New Orleans fourteen years later as “Sophia,” she has only one word on her mind: revenge. She’s got her eye on Charles and Barbara Hawthorne, the crowning jewel of New Orleans’ elite and the ones responsible for turning her life upside down.

Enter Liam Hawthorne, the couple’s successful, strikingly handsome, and irresistibly dominant thirty-two year old son. When Liam makes a provocative proposal, it occurs to April that he may be just the “in” she needs. But what she doesn’t  bargain for is Liam’s insatiable—and thrilling—sexual appetite. And as Liam begins to test April’s limits, she realizes that appearances are not what they seem.

This book is intended for mature audiences.

This book includes an exclusive excerpt of Hush Hush #2.

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Author Bio

Anneliese Vandell isn’t the kind of woman you want to bring home to your mother. She specializes in writing steamy erotic romance with a twist of suspense, starring alpha males who are handsome, commanding, and fiercely protective of the women they love. When she is not writing, she can most likely be found searching for the perfect New York bagel.

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This is a book we were contacted about, asking us to review it, luckily I had a few days break in between other scheduled reviews, or this Novella would have escaped me!

We have a girl, April, who’s Mum and Dad are taken away from her for living life on the con, forcing her to move away from everything she has ever known to stay with her Aunty.

To  April, or Sophia as she will later be known, her parents were the best people ever and so with a little help from her cousin, she is now plotting revenge on all those who played a part in sending her parents to prison.

Whilst staking out her first targets at a country club bar, she bumps into Liam. A strong, dominant,  Alpha-male who usually gets what he wants… Until Sophia that is…  April/Sophia has an undeniable, instant attraction to him but with her head in the game she begrudgingly refuses his advances. He slips her his card and that is when Anneliese Vandell really stirs things up and the story becomes impossible to put down.

I did question at times if April’s sense of right and wrong was leading her down the wrong path but the drama definitely makes for good entertainment.

The story is well written and structured brilliantly, all making for a smooth, enjoyable read. The characters chemistry and the push and pull between them created enough angst to get you on the edge of your seat at times. Even though it is only a Novella, you still get a lot of story for your money.

I can’t wait for book 2 which is released on 2nd of April to find out what will become of Liam and April/Sophia when all is revealed!

I recommend that you go buy this book now and read it ready for books 2’s release in a few weeks time!