About Us

Zoe: Hey I’m Zoe, 29 mum to 3 gorgeous girls, wife, employee, cook, cleaner, counsellor, referee and now apparently a blogger too . For me this all started with Twilight, which was weirdly recommended to me by the hubby! I fell hard for Edward and haven’t looked back since, having said that my first book beau was probably Harry potter’s Ron Weasley (I shouldn’t have admitted that should I?!) like most of you, once I read 50 shades there really was no going back. Although I loved Christian I fell hard for Gideon Cross add to him Travis Maddox, Ashton Taylor, Kellan Kyle and there you have my top 4 book boyfs-don’t ask me to choose between them tho I’d probably find it easier to choose a favourite child!
Books really have taken over my life from putting off the housework to choosing to relocate my job so that I’d have 1hr and 10mins uninterrupted reading time on the train-result!

I’m a sucker for college romances or best friends love and I crave a HEA. I always finish a book whether I love it or hate it and will literally read anything written by Kirsty Moseley, Samantha Young and Colleen Hoover.

Donna: Hiya!! I’m Donna, 34, mum to 3 amazing beauties and GF of 16 years!
I got back into reading thanks to the 50 Shades trilogy and there has been no stopping me ever since!

I have to say I am all for a happy ending, the more romantic the better!
I do not share Zoe’s Love of the (gorgeous?) Ron Weasley hahahaa! I much prefer me a bad boy turned good, rock star turned soft (not too soft) or in general a real manly man who isn’t too proud to overcome his issues, or..(yes the list is vast!) .. a man in uniform is always a good start for a BBF!
My books are taking over all of my devices and I am collecting paperbacks now too! At least I’m easy to buy gifts for hey! I am looking forward to start some reading challenges and improving my own writing skills with reviews!!

There are quite a few authors that I favour and look forward to new releases from, Abbi Glines, Kirsty Moseley, Sylvia Day, Jojo Moyes, Samantha Young and Colleen Hoover to name a few! Recently discovered a few new authors to add to this list Nikki Groom & Andie M Long.

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