Title: Back to Yesterday

Series: Bleeding Hearts #2

Author: Whitney Barbetti

Release Date: Oct 20, 2016

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The distance from Colorado to Maine is not far enough to escape the memories.

The time I’ve been away is not long enough to heal the pain.

I left Colorado, determined to discover who I am outside of my grief, but I fell apart along the way.

I’m lost again.
When Jude follows me, I can’t turn him away. But I can’t let him in, either.

Not all the way.

I know when he finds out my secret, the one I keep hidden in the darkest part of my heart, he’ll leave me.


Like I was before.



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“Are you okay?”


He laughed, but it was without humor. He dropped his head and stared at his plate as I had minutes earlier. “Am I okay?” Shaking his head, he said, “No, I’m not fucking okay.” He pushed away from the table hard enough that the screech of the chair across the wooden floor startled me. Jude was always so steady, and while he wasn’t necessarily predictable, he wasn’t prone to outbursts of anger like this. He picked up his plate and walked to the sink and I stared at his back, willing him to talk to me. But I couldn’t ask that of him.


Picking up my plate, I debated what to do. It was surreal almost, being in Jude’s apartment but not touching him the way I wanted to. Finally, I joined him at the sink as he worked a sponge into a lather and swiped it across his plate. “Let me do it,” I said softly, reaching a hand in to take the sponge from him.


He let go of the plate and clasped my forearm as I reached into the sink. His touch was gentle as he turned my wrist over and rubbed a thumb slowly across the length of my vein, visible through my translucent skin. I could only hold my breath as he touched me like this, like he was memorizing the blue lines that ran the length of my forearm. His hands were warm, searching, and I realized that I’d been yearning for this, for the simple act of him touching my skin like it was delicate. His fingers moved down, and my closed fist opened to give him access to my palm, where he traced the lines in my hands. It was so intimate, even in its simplicity, that all I could do was watch him as he examined my hands. “I’ve missed you,” he said in a voice that was just short of a whisper. My heart turned over as he bent my fingers gently back into my fist and rubbed his soapy fingers over the knuckles.


When he let go of my hand and turned away from me, I felt goose bumps ignite across my skin. All I wanted was for him to keep touching me, but I’d hurt him. And he’d hurt me.


We had miles of pain between the two of us, and even though we were no longer miles apart, that pain existed between us like another person, holding both of us back.


“I missed you too,” I said too late, when I’d caught my breath again.


“Please,” he pleaded as he rinsed the plate in his hands. “I can’t hear you say that right now.”


Nodding, I backed away. I understood. This wasn’t the time or place, and we were little more than strangers right now. I was a new Trista, someone he had never known.


Likely, someone he didn’t want to know.

My review

 3.5 amazing writing but not the story for me stars.

This is a really hard review for me to write as I have no idea how to rate Back to Yesterday. 

I’ll start by saying I adore the words Whitney writes, the way she hooks me in and makes me feel, even if I don’t want too. I’m compelled to read the things she writes and find it hard not to keep turning the pages. That’s no different with this book, Whitney’s endearing writing style shines throughout, what is different is the way I felt about the actual story. I hate to say it but I didn’t love it. I don’t know if I can pinpoint exactly why, maybe it’s because the story didn’t go the way I had hoped? I loved the way into the tomorrows ended and I was really excited for Trista to go and ‘find’ herself I just don’t really feel that she did that. I know life isn’t all rainbows and flowers and people’s problems don’t just disappear overnight and I feel Whitney did justice to that fact. She didn’t solve everything by writing a new chapter filled with hearts and flowers and for that I give her credit, she showed us the real side of life, she tackled a big issue, sensitively and embraced the many flaws Trista has. I feel at times the story dragged but what I found is that I kept reading, that to me is the sign of a good writer, I didn’t want to stop because the words made me need the answers. I struggled a little with the jumps in timeline, I found it hard to remember which year I was in as the story flits to and fro between two different years. I guess by the end of it I didn’t feel like much had changed with Trista and the things that were keeping her and Jude apart never changed, she didn’t seem to grow much throughout the book, whereas in book one I felt she changed remarkably and I warmed to her and really routed for her, I think I wanted a HEA more for Jude than I did her.

Having said all that the poems oh my word! Just beautiful! No matter what book I read from Whitney I find so many epic lines, lines that if I ever had a tattoo would more than likely end up on my skin. 
I’m a big believer that books sometimes find you when you need them, also that sometimes there’s a wrong time to read a certain book and perhaps this happened with Back to Yesterday. I’d just come off the back of being totally engrossed in some far fetched series, in which there was drama and complete overindulgence at every turn so maybe Back to Yesterday was just too much of a ‘back to Earth’ for me. I have no doubt that there will be many 5 star reviews for this book and I’ll totally understand each one, I feel it will resonate with so many people and some will get a lot of warmth from it, unfortunately for me it just wasn’t to be. 

Don’t let it put you off reading as this will totally be a book that some regard as epic and thanks to Whitney’s endearing writing I will still continue to read anything she releases as I adore her words.


Author Info:


I am a wife to one and a mom to two humans and one cat. I have a deep and abiding love for nachos – especially the kind with the liquid cheese, like from Taco Bell (sorry). I run on less than four hours of sleep thanks to copious amounts of Diet Coke. (Note: this paragraph is not sponsored by anyone except my hungry stomach.) 


As a Navy brat, I grew up all over the country, from California, up the east coast from Florida to New England and Colorado. I currently live in Idaho, where we have lots of potatoes and windmills. 


I write character-driven New Adult novels, heavy on the emotional connection. I LOVE love. I love writing about broken characters who find their soul mates. 


Facebook – http://bit.ly/1rTZoJU

Twitter – http://bit.ly/ZrNptg

Website – http://bit.ly/1vMK81X

Goodreads – http://bit.ly/2dLMiBI

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