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Published on 2nd June | Paperback Original £8.99
**Contains brand new BONUS content – exclusive to the print edition
When you’ve got nothing, you’ve got nothing to lose. But what happens when you have everything you ever

wanted? You fight to keep it.
Cormac “the Hurricane” O’Connell’s star is on the rise. Billed as the most promising young boxer of his generation,
his new career is taking him to places he never dreamed. But O’Connell only needs one thing in life: his wife. In her
final year of college, Em cannot follow him around the world but together they make it work.
Just when everything they ever wanted is on the horizon, the past resurfaces to haunt them and O’Connell realises that
justice might not be a part of his happy ever after.
He couldn’t protect Em once before, but in the aftermath of the hurricane, he will make sure that never happens again.
A swoon-worthy romance perfect for fans of Nicholas Sparks and Nora Roberts.

My Review- 4.5 stars.

Although I had a couple of issues with the Hurricane I was really looking forward to more from Em and Con, the characters had made a mark in my heart and almost felt like family. so I threw myself into the Aftermath and I read it in one sitting. It’s an easy and enjoyable read.
I actually enjoyed book two more than book one as Con didn’t seem as sickly sweet in this offering, that maybe because it was written from his POV or maybe just because the characters were already well established in my head that I overlooked certain characteristics.
You’d think from book one Em and Con have faced enough bad stuff and they’d get their happily ever after but Prescott obviously didn’t want to give it to us so easily, the pair go through even more in the aftermath and it’s a story of not being the girl that gets knocked down but being the girl who gets back up. Em has real strength within this book, ironically in a book full of hot fighters and heavyweight challengers it’s the mental fight of Em that had me most impressed.
Con was a swoonworthy as ever, he had some epic oneliners and his love for Em is beautiful. I adore the relationship between the characters, it’s not just a story of romantic love, it’s one of family love too and how sometimes the best family are the ones we choose ourselves. I truly think this series will get better with each book , the more I learn about the characters the more I want from them. I can’t wait for book three.
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The Ending I Want- Blog Tour

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Taylor Shaw had the perfect life—until she was sixteen. That was when everything changed. From that moment on, life went from bad to worse…to the worst. After recovering from a brain tumor, months later, she suffers the tragic loss of her whole family. Since that fateful day, she’s been coasting through life. Now, the brain tumor has returned, and Taylor decides she’s had enough. She’s going to take her fate into her own hands.
No more hospitals. No more surgeries. No more anything. She’s going to join her family.
It’s her decision.
What she longs for.
The ending she wants
She just has a list of things to do before she goes.
First, go to England.
Second, kiss a stranger…
Only, Taylor didn’t expect Liam Hunter, the stranger—with his handsome face, his six-foot- three of gorgeousness, and his oh-so- hot English accent—to change things. To change her. To change the ending she wanted.
What is a girl, who is standing on the edge of nothing, to do when offered the chance of everything?
sam book cover
sam towle
Writing The Ending I Want has been a cathartic and exhausting process for me, but I have loved every second of writing it. I relate to this story more than any of the stories that I’ve written before. Maybe that’s because there’s a piece of me in this book. And not in Taylor having a brain tumor, because fortunately I’ve never had to endure anything like that. But for me, it was the need to feel free from something that has crippled me for many years, just like Taylor is crippled by her own pain. Taylor wanted to die to be free. I never wanted to die, but I did want to be free, in a way that’s hard to explain. But now, after years of feeling trapped by my demons, things that have held me back in life, I’ve found a
way to get the freedom I needed. I’m still a work in progress, but I’m working better now than I ever did before – just saying this cryptic stuff out loud is a big step for me. So, writing Taylor in the way I did was a big deal for me. I really hope that you love this story, and see strength in Taylor’s choices rather than weakness.
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My review

4.5 super sexy, emotion invoking stars.

This book had me hooked from the blurb but there was so much more to it than I expected.

We meet the super sexy Liam Hunter who was way different to what I thought he was going to be, he’s filthy rich, funny, attentive and extremely charming. The one thing that didn’t surprise me though was how much I loved him, Samantha has a way of writing super hot, alpha men that I adore and Liam was no exception.

As well as great guys, Samantha also writes strong heroines with whom I can’t help but connect. Despite Taylor being a girl with nothing to live for and a clear goal to complete a trip to London before she dies, I was surprised with how much fight she had left. She was funny, sweet and smart. Although her choices may not see, like smart choices you can’t help but admire her strength. The banter between Taylor and Liam is great and had me laughing a lot, I just want to be their real life friend.

The blurb made me fear that I would be crying throughout so I was relieved to find that there are many light moments within this book I laughed way more than I cried. As for the sex, well just woah! The sex is hot and the chemistry between Taylor and Liam is on fire. There’s quite a lot of sex throughout which is understandable, they’ve only just met but when the sex is constant at times you can’t help but switch off, what Sam managed to do was keep me interested throughout, the story line is in no way compromised due to the level of sex.

I laughed and swooned a lot throughout and it wasn’t until 80% onwards that the emotion got the better of me. I didn’t cry not as much as I thought I would but at one point I had to put the book down and go back 30 mins later once I’d regrouped my emotions. This book definitely had it’s fair share of angst and sadness.

With this book Samantha Towle has ensured she stays a firm favourite of mine and Liam has definitely made his mark and will stand easily alongside the great men Samantha has previously created.

If you’ve loved the previous books from Samantha without giving away spoilers, you HAVE to read this.

Sam gives us some background on the characters.

Taylor Shaw is 22 years old, from Boston, USA. She has a brain tumour and she is choosing to die.
sam taylor

Suki Waterhouse- Taylor

sam liam

Henry Cavill- Liam

Liam Hunter is 32 years old, from London, England and he is amazing! And that’s all you’re getting! 😉
sam teaser2
Link to playlist on Samantha’s site:
Stand out track: If You’re Not The One – Daniel Bedingfield
I was having real trouble finding Taylor and Liam’s song. There were a few occasions where I’d thought that I had found their song, but each time, something held me back from it. Then, I heard “If You’re Not The One” and I knew immediately that it was their song. It’s perfect in so many ways. For me, this song embodies the love that Taylor and Liam feel for one another.
1. If You’re Not The One – Daniel Bedingfield
2. Paradise – Coldplay
3. I Touch Myself – Divinyls
4. I Want It That Way – The Backstreet Boys
5. How Deep Is Your Love – Calvin Harris & Disciples
6. Never Forget You – Zara Larsson feat. MNEK
7. Goodbye My Lover – James Blunt
8. Sorry – Justin Bieber
9. Don’t You Wanna Stay – Jason Aldean & Kelly Clarkson
10. All I Ask – Adele
11. Don’t Go Away – Oasis
12. Stitches – Shawn Mendes
13. Already Gone – Kelly Clarkson
14. Say Something – Great Big World & Christina Aguilera
15. What Now – Rihanna
16. Feels Like Home – Chantal Kreviazuk
About the Author
New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and international bestselling author Samantha Towle began her first novel in 2008 while on maternity leave. She completed the manuscript five months later and hasn’t stopped writing since. She has written contemporary romances, THE MIGHTY STORM, WETHERING THE STORM, TAMING THE STORM, TROUBLE, REVVED and REVIVED. She has also written paranormal romances, THE BRINGER and the ALEXANDRA JONES SERIES, all penned to tunes of The Killers, Kings of Leon, Adele, The Doors, Oasis, Fleetwood Mac, and more of her favourite musicians. A native of Hull and a graduate of Salford University, she lives with her husband, Craig, in East Yorkshire with their son and daughter.
Facebook: 230032170346603/?fref=ts
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Book: New Balls Please
Series: Ball Games #3
Author: Andie M. Long
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Hosted By: Francessca’s Romance Reviews
new balls ebook

Literary Lust Review

Title:    New balls please                    Author: Andie M. Long

Reviewer: Zoë                    Star Rating – 5/5

Intro/Blurb: Dora Evans is annoyed that her family are ignoring her while she’s in bed ill. To teach them what life would be like without her she absconds on a weeks break to learn how to play tennis. Partner Tim has had enough of Dora’s behaviour and to the surprise of daughter Camille and son Tyler, refuses to bring her home.

As the week goes on and tempers settle, Dora decides to read up on being a more submissive housewife and how to allow Tim to make the choices. In the meantime, Tim reads Dora’s Alpha books to see what her ideal man would be.

When Tim does collect his wife the Alpha meets the Submissive woman. Will they continue to make a great team or is this match about to end?

One way or another Tim’s going to need New Balls Please.

Actual review:I loved this book, hard! Throughout the series Dora has been my favourite character. She’s straight to the point, quirky and a force to be reckoned with. I want to be like her when I grow up. She was a total drama queen in this installment and decided to forgo her mother and wife duties and take time for herself. As both a mother and a wife I totally get her. What I didn’t expect from this book was to equally love Tim, he is definitely not the typical book boyf but he endeared me so much. I just love the relationship they have it’s so typical of those that have been together for a long time and I can totally imagine everything that happened in this book happening in real life. I had so many laugh out loud moments throughout, if you haven’t read this series yet you really need to.

Series/ standalone/ Novella Series. A different couple each time so you can technincally read them as standalones but you get a much better idea of the characters lives if you read the previous books.

Cliffhanger? No

Pace: Fast

Humour – none / Some / Lots Lots

Violence – none / some / lots None

sex – none / mild / hot Mild

Why choose this book? Choose this book if you’re in a rut, if you want a quick read or if you just need to laugh. This is british humour at its best.

new balls teaser
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Amazon USA –
Amazon CA –
Amazon AUS –
Early Feedback
I can't even…this book…I don't think I've laughed so much while reading a book in a long time! ~
Surrender To Books
This was by far my favourite of the novellas! Absolutely bloomin' hilarious and so true to life. ~
Kelsey’s Korner
Oh my goodness this books is absolutely hilarious I'm still chucking now! ~ Blogging For The Love Of
Authors And Their Books
This is without a doubt my favourite of the Balls books so far. Well written as always and full of fun
and laugh out loud moments as well as a little bit of angst thrown into the mix. ~ A Book Lover's
Emporium Book Blog
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About The Author
Andie M. Long is the author of The Alphabet Game series, Underneath and Quickies. When not
writing she can usually be found time wasting on social media. If you ever see her doing housework,
step away. It means she's stressed! Prepare to meet the Turner Family in the Ball Games series in
2016 plus other works in progress.
You can stalk Andie Here:
Mailing List – 9
new balls jacket