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Reviewed by Donna at Literary Lust

Literary Lust Review

Title:     Headstrong                Author: Nikki Groom

Reviewer: Donna                Star Rating – 4/5


One girl. One backpack. One Harley.

A road trip around the west coast of America.

A whole heap of fun along the way!

Tara King is breaking free of her monotonous daily routine, and taking to her shiny, new set of wheels to embark on a road trip.

Uninspired by the timeless drone of Las Vegas, she breaks away from the bright lights in pursuit of inspiration and change.

What she finds along the way is a whole lot more than she bargained for.

*Authors note* Headstrong is a spin off novella from the Kingdom series, and is Tara’s story. It can be read as a standalone OR can be read as the perfect round up to the Kingdom series!

Actual Review:

Where to start? I am a huge fan of Nikki Grooms Kingdom Series so this was yet again another instalment I was itching to get my hands on!

Tara the sister of the King Bros, usually seen under their protection and restricted with their rules, is finally free to be herself. No rules & no plans other than to be free! We certainly see her as a strong, independent and sassy woman whilst embarking on this self searching journey, just her and Hank! (The Harley)

Tara meets a bad ass biker (Ruck) who could undoubtedly ‘Rock her World’. When under fire, literally, she realises his lifestyle is not one she wants to hang around for and so she yet again mounts Hank and is off with the wind behind her, back on her travels.

The chemistry between Ruck and Tara was sizzling hot and I was left gutted when she drove away.

Further along Tara has a mishap that leaves her with not a lot of choices and finds herself in a truck with a really hot but really smelly, bearded fisherman (Logan). We watch Tara and Logan’s relationship build into a new love/lust story of its own. Bringing with it new friends and new travel plans as a group.

With no rules and no worries anything can happen!

I didn’t put this down from start to finish, it’s a great, light, fast paced read.

Written with the same quality of Nikki’s previous works.

Being such a big fan of the Kingdom series I would have liked to have found out more about Tara’s relationship with the King’s security guy Jack, but I loved a glimpse into Tara’s future and cannot wait to see what Nikki has up her sleeve for us next!

Novella & Standalone

Cliffhanger: no

Pace: fast

Humour – none / Some / Lots: Some

Violence – none / some / lots: Some

Sex – none / mild / hot: none

Why choose this book?

Because Nikki Groom wrote it..

Because it’s another instalment of the Kingdom Series and I couldn’t wait to hear about Tara’s journey.

Recommend to a friend?

Hell yeah!