The weekend Lucien Knight ruined me for every other CEO out there.

Oh my goodness what a way to spend the weekend! I Just got schooled by Lucien Knight and I’m still glowing from the after effects!

I don’t know where I’ve been for the last 3 years or if I could ever have a good enough excuse for not meeting Lucien sooner but it’s official, I suck. So many people told me to push Kitty French’s Knight series to the top of my TBR list and it was one of those books that I knew I had to read and would definitely read at some point when I had the time. Well I’d been in a book rut, I thought I’d lost my power to read a book in a day or two, I felt like a failure. So Lucien was going to have to set me alight, make me feel (boy did he make me feel) and give me back my mojo. He certainly did not disappoint, I’m now a firm believer sometimes you don’t choose the book, the book choses you.

The sex was hotter than I usually read, I normally like the odd sex scene and more story but this was different, the scenes weren’t repetitive and it surprised me how much I enjoyed it, I will warn you if you’re not a fan of blushing in public read in private. “She was captive, at his mercy, and she loved it.” I’m pretty sure Kitty wrote this  on behalf of every woman reading as well as Sophie!

A massive 5 stars for both books.


kitty knight and.png


So here goes, I will merge both reviews of book 1&2 here but firstly I feel the need to apologise firstly for what you’re about to read, there will be no structure and I probably won’t make much sense but this book has me compelled to just type away. It’s been a while since I’ve read a book that has made me want to review immediately.

knight and play.jpg


At first I was worried, when I started to read I realised it was written in third person. I’ve read the odd book written in third person but the norm tends to be first person and I worried I wouldn’t have the same level of love for the characters as I wouldn’t be privy to their inner thoughts and surely the sex scenes would lose their intimacy? I didn’t have that worry for more than a few minutes, just a few pages in and I’d completely forgotten my earlier concerns. If anything the sex scenes were hotter than most. The way they were described made it more like I was watching it unfold in front of me, it felt more like watching the TV than reading a book, there was something extremely sexy reading about the act rather than just the feelings.

We meet Sophie who is in a marriage that is more sister and brother than red hot lovers, her husband is off on another business trip although she’s pretty sure he’s with another woman. Work is boring and she needs a change, perfect timing for an interview for a PA position with the super sexy CEO that is Lucien Knight. We follow Sophie in her journey to awaken her inner sex goddess and live the life she deserves. “My husband is having an affair, Lucien … And here’s the thing. Right at this moment, he’s God knows where with God knows who until next weekend, and I don’t think I even care.”

Reading this book was effortless thanks to Kitty’s great writing and plot development I couldn’t turn over the pages fast enough. The plot itself was fairly simple, there were no unnecessary dramas and the characters were extremely likable. I didn’t instantly fall in love with Lucien as he was so closed off but I certainly lusted after him, I think that made it all the more interesting. He is super hot and has a no nonsense air around him, he was self assured but at no point arrogant or cocky which is often a common theme with CEO romances. He just oozed sex and I swear the pages sizzled!

I knew I’d enjoy this book I just had no idea I’d enjoy it this much. My face was actually glowing when I finished and I couldn’t stop gushing about Lucien. Word of warning though…that ending!!! Wowsers! So pleased I had book 2 to dive into, even if it was nearly midnight, there was no chance I was ending there!

Series/ standalone/ Novella- Series, book 1&2 are musts. The rest do not need to be read to feel a completion of the story but you’ll want to read them anyway.

Cliffhanger? Yes!

Pace: Steady

Humour – none / Some / Lots- A little.

Violence – none / some / lots- None

sex – none / mild / hot- Extremely hot

Why choose this book?- The question should actually be why not choose this book. Choose this if you are in a rut, if you want some spice and seriously hot sex. Read it if you love CEO’s, read it if you don’t, I promise Lucien will buck every CEO trend you dislike and you will fall in love with him regardless of your tastes. There should be no excuse for not adding this to your TBR. In fact it would be easier to write why you shouldn’t choose this book!

Recommend to a friend?- Absolutely!



knight and stay1

Aaaaah Lucien! That’s all you really need to know from this review but I suppose I ought to give you a bit more than that so here goes. We left book one with a massive cliffhanger which meant I had to dive straight into book two despite the fact I was so tired. We left Sophie with a huge choice to make and my heart broke for her. She’d just lost the love of her life and was trying hard not to fall in love with someone that wouldn’t love her back. “The plain fact was this thing between them wasn’t just basic chemistry. It was lethal, combustible dynamite, and it was only going to be made ten times more difficult by denial.”

Their story continued at a good pace, I adored them in Paris that made the whole series so far for me. Lucien was naughty as expected but what I wasn’t expected was his softer side, he was far more romantic in this offering. I loved the way I didn’t fall in love with him straight away, I definitely lusted after him but we didn’t get enough about his life or his feelings for me to fall hook line and sinker, it was all about his mission to help Sophie. I loved the fact that I actually realised I’d fallen for him about the same time he realised he’d fallen for Sophie and my heart turned to mush. I loved the hidden depths of Lucien.
“His mouth said one thing, but his body said another. His words said I want you now, but every now and then his body said I’ll adore you always.”
 I loved the fact that this wasn’t some controlling CEO and an insta love with a weak female. I enjoyed watching them come together over time, it wasn’t a case of Sophie following him around begging for a chance, she was actually a fun, lovable heroine which is hard to come by in CEO romances.

For me Lucien is one of my favourite book boyfs and the top of my CEO list, he’s sensual, seductive, sexy and as book two showed us capable of being very sweet.

Series/ standalone/ Novella- Series, book 1&2 are musts. The rest do not need to be read to feel a completion of the story but you’ll want to read them anyway.

Cliffhanger? No

Pace- steady

Humour – none / Some / Lots- A little.

Violence – none / some / lots- None

sex – none / mild / hot- Extremely hot

Why choose this book?- For Lucien enough said!

What are you waiting for? Get your one click on!




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