Review – Second Chance – Natasha Preston

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Reviewed by Donna at Literary Lust

Literary Lust Review


Title: Second Chance        Author: Natasha Preston

Star Rating – 4.5/5


*Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is intended for persons aged 18+*

Everyone deserves a second chance at happiness, and three years after Chloe Holland’s boyfriend dies in a bomb attack in London, she’s ready to move on. That is until the one person she can see herself moving forward with is the worst person she could ever imagine.

Logan Scott was the one Chloe turned to when Jace died, but she never imagined becoming close to him would leave her with the biggest dilemma she’s ever faced. He makes her question everything. She makes him a better person. They push the limit of right and wrong.

Unfortunately, Chloe and Logan are perfect for each other.

Actual Review:

So, this was my first read of Natasha’s work and it’s safe to say I have been introduced to another fave!

The book is written in dual POV, which I prefer. I like to hear both versions of events as it helps form clearer pictures as to what’s actually happening.

The storyline is well planned, drama & fun with a huge dash of endearment, was enough to keep me up until late turning pages.

Chloe goes through a tough time, her character is totally relatable and when she interacted with Logan it was laugh a minute! Definitely caught myself smiling and giggling a lot with these two.

Logan is funny, sassy and passionate, I felt so bad that what he wanted all along was right there in front of him but he couldn’t act upon it.

There is a constant angst filled push and pull between the pair. So much so that I found myself becoming frustrated with Chloe’s first reaction to any hurdle they came across. The fact that I could get so frustrated with her only means I was 100% invested in these characters and their story.

And as if that wasn’t enough to keep a reader happy, there is one almighty twist I didn’t see coming, when I say almighty I mean I was left with my jaw hanging thinking wow what the actual F**! So I award Natasha some extra bonus points for taking me by surprise with that one!

Series/Stand Alone/Novella: Stand alone with a companion novel- our chance

Cliffhanger? No             Pace: Steady

Humour – none / Some / Lots: Some

Violence – none / some / lots: aside from swearing none

sex – none / mild / hot: Mild- Heated

Why choose this book?

I bought it a while back and its been sat on my shelf until my blog partner zoe recommended it to me. (So glad she did now!)

Recommend to a friend: Oh Yes!


Buy Second Chance Here

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