Review ~ The Calendar Game ~ Andie M. Long

REVIEWTCGRonnie, Ronnie, Ronnie what a wonderful breath of fresh air you are.

I read the Calendar Game whilst I was in a book rut and desperately in need of some light relief, life was hectic and digging into something dark and moody was not an option, I needed funny and boy did this deliver!

I first discovered Andie’s work with the alphabet game and fell in love with her characters. Stella and Gabe were hot and Ronnie was a hoot! She’s scatty, genuine and hilariously funny. Her give no s*** attitude had me laughing out loud a lot. I needed more Ronnie!

It’s safe to say I was a little excited when I heard Ronnie’s story was up next. We start the Calendar Game with a happy almost settled (as settled as she can be) Ronnie but then she discovers boyfriend Col’s big secret and the life she thought was all mapped out is suddenly turned upside down. How will she react? Where will she go from here? It’s safe to say she’s had a pretty crazy life so far can she fight anymore? Ronnie is nothing if not resilient though and if life threw lemon’s she would be the girl asking for the salt and tequila. Ronnie’s ability to bounce back is refreshing, her one liners are epic and her lady garden is the envy of everyone.

I loved how easy to read this book was and the light relief it gave me from the craziness of life.

5 hilariously funny stars.

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