#TheCryingAssistant does York

#TheCryingAssistant does York and boy does she do it well!!

Friday morning arrived and it was soon time to depart for York, the disappointment the week before in London weighed heavy on my heart but I had faith, faith that Ava would put on a show that we would be proud to be a part of. From the start to the end we were kept informed of changes and the general goings on whether it was an author dropout or a major change. More than that we had a voice, we were allowed an input and it was clear to see this signing was not about making money it was about making people happy.

With that in mind me and the hubs jumped on a train and made our way to York, we got there early and spent the whole afternoon drinking cocktails by the river-being parents of 3 time in the pub during the day is a rarity so we were savouring every moment! Eventually Natasha and her hubs joined the fun and the madness began. After dinner and a few drinks later we found the oldest pub in York and got touched up by a skeleton that we then realised was once a woman, oh well we’re not fussy!!

The hashtags were in full swing thanks to the #HighFiveFail and the weekend was off to an outstanding start. Thinking it was probably time for bed we headed home but obviously had to have a quick drink in the hotel bar first. Yeah that quick drink finished 3hours later at almost 3am after hours of gossiping with the wonderful Rebecca Sherwin and KL Shandwick! Next up was signing day, I was tired and kicking myself for not going to bed earlier but once we got to the room I perked up it was impossible not to, the room itself was so light and welcoming and the amount of talent that was on show was incredible (including the actual hot totty talent that is Jase Dean). After London imagine my surprise when 30mins laters we were bought cups of tea and coffee, immediately the signing was off to a good start. Throughout the day I fangirled a little I mean on the table next to us there was Kirsty Moseley and the one behind was Sam Towle!! What’s a little old blogger like me supposed to do in that situation?! Tasha and I had so much fun as always even though I’m sure I’m more of a hinderance than a help Tasha still lets me sit there winding her up and even had me my own tshirt made and check out my lanyard, I’m a proper assistant now!


For me though the highlight was seeing the all for the ❤️❤️❤️ girls and getting to meet Fran from Francessca’s romance reviews we have spoken online for a while and she’s such a huge part of the a group it was great to finally see her in person alongside my amazing blog partner Donna. What made it even more special was they were getting to share their first signing experience together, I remember what it felt like to fangirl for the first time and it was lovely to watch them be embraced by this crazy book world.

I even got to assist the Moseley for 10mins #BestJobEver

I even got to assist the Moseley for 10mins #BestJobEver


A really bad shot of all the authors together.

I can’t go any further without mentioning the rest of the all for the ❤️❤️❤️ ladies each time we meet it gets better, I’m so lucky that we get to share our blogging load with 5 other amazing blogs but more than that I’m lucky that I get to call them friends, I really missed the girls that couldn’t be there and I still hope in the not so distant future the 8 of us will actually be in the same room!

5/8's of my all for the ❤️❤️❤️ girls.

5/8’s of my all for the ❤️❤️❤️ girls.


Donna and I ridiculously smiley because we actually attended a signing together 💕

Once the signing was over it was time to party and party we did!! Whilst stood in the hotel lobby I realised I didn’t have a jacket and it was cold and wet outside so Lesley Jones popped up to her room to grab me a shawl to use, what? Lesley Jones I was wearing Lesley Fucking Jones’ wrap!! Yet another example of how we all look out for each other.

The night do was simple yet effective the food was great and the atmosphere was even better. The photo booth was an excellent addition looking back through the pictures has had me in stitches.

image image

❤️ This lady!

❤️ This lady!

We drank and laughed all night until we couldn’t hack the pace anymore. Reluctantly it was time for bed and despite being really happy at how well the weekend had played out I was sad it was over.

This was without doubt one of the most successful signings I’ve attended and I’ll tell you why, the people were real, the organiser was fab, (Ava you’ve stolen my heart) and the authors were their usual awesome self. From the get go Ava has kept us in the loop, she’s shared ideas with us, let us have an input and even when the times got tough and things weren’t going to plan she was open and honest. The Facebook group enabled us all to chat regularly so much so that even those we’d never met felt like old friends by the signing. For me this wasn’t just a signing it was OUR signing! The selling point for me was the fact that I was actually treat like a human being (unlike in London) I got lunch, snacks, drinks and even an assistant gift. As an assistant I can’t tell you how nice that was, every other signing even the successful ones we’ve had to fend for ourselves, which is fine we’re not the ones people are paying to see but the fact Ava took into account that we too sit there all day and would want refreshments too means a lot. It was great to feel appreciated and part of the team. I can not congratulate Ava enough for the weekend she produced, even though she will say ‘it wasn’t me it was the team I had supporting me’ and although the team were brilliant, whether it was just bringing more water, feeding us, running the raffle or just being visible should we need them, what she needs to realise is that as good as that team was it wouldn’t have been successful without the crazy arsed leader showing them the way!

So to everybody that I met over the weekend and to those I didn’t I hope you all had a blast too, I’m honoured to have shared such a extraordinary weekend with you and to those that missed out, fear not Ava’s doing it again in 2018 👏❤️

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