Review ~ Love Reflection ~ Maria Macdonald ~ Reviewed by Donna


Where to start?

This is a great debut novel by Maria. She had me hooked from the very beginning – straight away we are given precious knowledge, past and present, of the main characters and the special bond they share. I love this group of friends, I want friendships like these… who wouldn’t? And to be fair, whilst reading Maria’s carefully crafted words, its hard not to feel like you are there beside them all, living through everything with them!


Within this diamond of a debut novel there is everything you could ask for and then some.

The relationship between the two main characters, Pea and Con, is sometimes so frustrating that as you read and turn pages you are begging them to get their s**t together. The push and pull is huge! PS Con is hot! 😉


Then you have Pea and her bestest best buddy Soph – the banter and sass coming from them both is at times laugh out loud funny!

The last of the foursome is Saul, who has his very own plot twist that had my mind wandering all over the place! 😉

Put the four of these characters together and you have the biggest sense of family ever.


Just when you think you know what’s coming at you from where, enter another mystery/ plot twist and then one more just to really throw you off the scent! I love that it wasn’t predictable, I love that Maria had me guessing at different scenarios all the way through, as it made the book so intriguing that I just couldn’t put it down. Add all the feels, good and bad, to the mystery and intrigue, the light hearted humour and great writing, this book was a perfect read!


Well done on your debut Maria, can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in the future ❤

If you haven’t already, get your copy of Love Reflection here

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