Review ~ Deep Blue Eternity ~ Natasha Boyd


Livvy is on the run. And she’s escaped to the one place nobody will ever find her. But the isolated cottage isn’t empty. Her refuge is home to a troubled stranger, Tom, there for reasons of his own.
In the intimacy of the abandoned cottage, and the remote wilderness of the island, the electrifying connection between them is impossible to ignore. Both running from their histories and shielding dark secrets, their pasts catch up with them and collide in an unimaginable way.
Deep emotions and powerful chemistry face a painful battle with the tangle of lies, and scars of the past. If the truth emerges, hearts will be shattered. Can love conquer?

Passionate. Devastating. Explosive. Natasha Boyd will take your breath away with her unforgettable love stories. Don’t miss Eversea and Forever, Jack.


This is the first book I have read from this author and I was pleasantly surprised.

At the very beginning the mystery which is at the core of the story gets you hooked from the get go, I was left in a constant state of needing to know more and this had me turning pages quicker than I thought possible! What was Liv’s story? Why was she running away? What was the deal with her panic attacks? Where did Tom fit into all of this? Will they finally step over the never ending hurdles they faced individually and together? What did the future hold for them?


As I read further and further I felt like I was actually there, watching Liv and Tom get to know each other and form a very complex and complicated relationship. As their bond grows we are taken on one heck of a journey, I found myself laughing, crying, frustrated and wanting to encourage the characters to do the right things, like I shout at the tv when a scary part of a film comes on.

I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that we were drip fed the information and it wasn’t all revealed in one paragraph, this definitely played a huge part in the fact that I couldn’t put the book down! (The fella may or may not have been left with the kids and to fend for himself) LOL


Within this story Natasha very tactfully broaches some very upsetting subjects.  My heart felt like it was ripped right out my chest at times and others I got the warm and fuzzies and thats not to mention the million other things in between, Natasha made me feel with her beautiful writing.


The book was impeccably written and I would most definitely recommend it.


Everything really does happen for a reason.

4 Stars ❤

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